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When you have pest problems, you need fast, reliable solutions. That’s what Waynes Pest Control delivers with a philosophy that every little thing matters – and it matters a lot. So, we won’t settle for less when providing you with our exceptional pest control services.

Professional Pest Control Services in Alabama, Tennessee, and Mississippi

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Whether you're searching for pest control services in Birmingham, Nashville, Huntsville, or any of our service areas, Waynes Pest Control can provide you with the reliable, highly effective services you want and deserve. Our expert service professionals don’t merely meet standards. We’re here to provide exceptional pest control services that set the standard in the industry and exceed expectations for our customers. 

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Residential Pest Control Services: Our Enviropest Approach

Because we know that 95 percent of pest challenges start outside your home, we use a thoroughly comprehensive strategy to eliminate pests for good. This includes exclusion, extermination, and monitoring. 

More specifically, with our residential pest control services, Waynes will provide outstanding service through the following steps:

  • Thorough inspection: Your Waynes Pest Control service professional will identify infestations and associated damage. Then, we’ll create a personalized Enviropest program to efficiently address your specific situation. 
  • Comprehensive pest control services: We go far beyond what’s been described in the first step. This includes forming a 10-foot perimeter around your home’s foundation. This will repel access to all kinds of pests. Plus, we’ll address crucial areas inside your home.
  • Year-round exterior treatments: Our expert service professionals will perform the necessary steps to keep pests from darkening your door again. These include brushing the eaves, doors, and windows to keep your home spider-free, which automatically boosts the curb appeal of your home. 
  • Digital SMART system: Through this modern solution, we’ll continually monitor rodent activity in your home. Alerts will trigger us to their presence, and we’ll immediately remove them from your home. With SMARTpest, we take an environmentally-friendly approach to eliminating your pest problems with ants, cockroaches, spiders, rodents, and many more.   

Wayne's is more than a pest control company. Our professionals are committed to providing you and your family with advanced pest control services that can safeguard your home and provide the ultimate peace of mind. Let’s get started! Contact us online or call 1-866-929-6371

Targeted Termite Treatments

Home is where the heart is—and you surely don’t want termites to disrupt the peace and comfort you’ve created. Fortunately, our termite treatments are highly effective, restoring your house to a place where you can continue to create and cherish family memories. With Constant Protection™ featuring the Sentricon System powered by AlwaysActive technology, we’ll eliminate the worry for you. Better yet, this year-round termite solution, in force 24/7, is backed by today’s most comprehensive coverage.

Exceptional Lawn Care Services

Envision the lush, beautiful lawn you’ve always wanted—and that’s what Waynes Pest Control lawn care services can allow you to have—gloriously green and free from weeds. Because of our time-tested experience and the extensive training offered to our lawn care professionals through Waynes University, we’ve got the know-how to resolve the most challenging lawn problems. This is true for new lawns and ones that have been around for a while. Plus, we’ll even provide protection against lawn diseases and insects that can wreak havoc in yards. 

Mosquito Control Services

Enjoying a barbecue on the lawn, kids laughing and chasing lightning bugs, running and playing—and then, oh, heck. The mosquitoes are swarming. Besides the bites, infected mosquitoes carry alarming diseases, so they aren’t an insect to take lightly. Here’s the good news. With our mosquito control services, you no longer have to worry about these swarming, biting pests. Thanks to Waynes Pest Control, you can benefit from eco-friendly protection and enjoy spending time on your patios and decks with friends and family again. When you choose our mosquito-plus protection, we’ll also safely and effectively eliminate fleas and ticks. 

Commercial Pest Control Services

Besides providing second-to-none residential services, Waynes also provides outstanding commercial pest control services. Industries we serve include technology and advanced manufacturing, government, retail, healthcare, education, financial institutions, restaurants, warehouses, hospitality, and multi-family units. So, reach out to us and we’ll conduct inspections and apply effective treatments for your company or organization. 

About Waynes Pest Control

We’ve been serving customers since 1973, steadily growing over the decades. How? By a strong commitment to providing world-class experiences for our customers and a quality experience for our employees. When our service professionals are fulfilled at work, they’ll go above and beyond for you. 

Our team will take care of tasks around your home or business that you just don't have time to do. This frees you up to spend more time on things that truly matter. We currently have service centers in twelve cities—and we're continuing to grow. To date, we’ve served more than 150,000 customers and when you’ve got a pest problem to solve, we’d love to add you to our list.

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If asked to sum up everything about our company and philosophy in a single sentence, it would be this: Waynes Pest Control focuses on exceptional quality in all we do. That’s a promise.

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We do the things around your home that you don't have time to do. We free you up to chase the things that really matter. Friends, family, passions, dreams. When folks see us around town in our shiny yellow trucks, they smile. We're the good guys. Doing whatever it takes (and probably a little more) to help make your life simpler, and easier.

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Pest Control FAQs:

What time of year is best for pest control?

In Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee, there’s no one right time for pest control because it’s a year-round endeavor. That’s largely because of our climate that pests enjoy as much as people do. Of course, the species of the pests may vary by the seasons, and they may prefer slightly different settings for where they feed, breed, and flourish—but, when left to their own devices, they’d be happy to habitat your property throughout the year.

When you have ongoing pest control services from a quality provider, though, you’ll never need to worry about infestations again. Waynes Pest Control will tackle current problems before turning our attention to keeping them out of your home—for good. 

What will exterminators do?

Exterminators, such as Waynes’ Pest Control service professionals, will identify pest infestations in a home or business and eliminate the current population. Some exterminators stop there. But not Waynes. Those are just the initial steps for us as we then focus on keeping the pests away from your home and lawn so you can enjoy your property without the stress of these unwanted critters. 

We also place a strong emphasis on the safe application of products and communicating well with our customers (you!), explaining our services, and answering all of your questions. 

How do I prepare my house for an exterminator?

In general, you’ll want to ensure that the service professionals can easily access areas of your home to perform inspections and, when it’s time, apply treatments. If there are dogs, you can put them somewhere secure. When it’s determined what pest remedies are needed to address your problem, the Waynes Pest Control service professionals will let you know what else, if anything, would need to be done. Each situation can be unique, so the answer to this question will depend upon the treatments performed. 

Why is pest control so important in Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee?

Alabama and Mississippi’s subtropical climate and the associated humidity make it a prime place for pests to live and thrive. Because of the summers, which can be quite hot, and the winters—which can be colder than the pests prefer—the critters will often look for food, water, and shelter inside of Alabama homes, garages, and other outbuildings. The same problems can occur to homeowners living in Tennessee.

Once pests get inside, they can settle in. Although the specifics can vary by species, insects, rodents, and other pests can cause a significant amount of damage to Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee homes. Plus, pests can spread diseases to you, your family and guests, and your pests. So, you’ll want them out ASAP (and you probably don’t need us telling you that!). 

With over 40 years of experience and over 150,000 homes and families serviced in Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee, our reputation for offering world-class service in these areas is a testament to just how committed we are to serving you.  

So, if you need pest control services to take care of ants, cockroaches, fleas, mosquitoes, spiders, termites, rodents, or other pests, reach out by contacting us online or calling 1-866-929-6371 today.