5 Things You Should Know About Termite Protection
  1. 5 Things You Should Know About Termite Protection


5 Things You Should Know About Termite Protection

Fences, alarms, security systems, we don’t think twice before investing in these. They protect our home against invasion, right? What about termites? Only 1/16th of an inch is all a termite needs to invade your home. Think of your home as a castle. You wouldn’t leave it unprotected from foreign invaders, would you? You may be thinking, “there's specific protection for that?” The answer is "Yes", a termite warranty. The Always Active Sentricon bait stations act as a protective barrier for these foreign invaders. 


Below are 5 things you should know about choosing the right termite protection:


What is the difference between a termite warranty and a termite letter?

Termite protection comes in a variety of forms and it can be difficult to understand the differences. Termite warranties must be issued by a certified and insured pest control company and typically include an ongoing maintenance agreement with inspections and termite prevention measures. 

Some warranties may be transferable between homeowners, which can be a bonus when selling your home. Termite letters are NOT interchangeable with warranties. These only state that a home is found free of termites upon inspection. Usually used for refinances and for home sales, most termite letters are only good for 30 days and do not provide coverage for damages caused by termites.


What do I need to look for when choosing a termite warranty?

All termite warranties cover treatment when termites invade, but some provide very little coverage for damage done by these insects. This important detail is one of the top concerns for individuals who aren't entirely sure what is covered by their termite warranty.

"Retreatment warranties" cover the retreatment of the affected areas of the home in the event of a termite infestation, but they don't cover damages or repairs. Make sure you find a termite warranty that includes the cost of repairs in case of an infestation. These are called "retreat/repair" warranties.


Who needs one? Am I required to have one?

If you are selling your home, the buyer may request a termite warranty, but most states don't require warranties. However, a termite warranty is well worth the cost of protecting your home. The average cost of a termite repair is around $3,000. Some termite repairs can cost tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, so a warranty is well worth the cost.


Why is your home a termite target?

Termites are constantly searching for food. In fact, a termite scout will travel about a football length a day in search of food! That's a long way for a little bug. The frames of most every home are made of wood, but termites eat anything that is made of cellulose. This can be cardboard, styrofoam, and paper-like on your sheetrock walls.


Is a termite warranty part of my homeowner's insurance?

Termite damage is not included in homeowners insurance. Insurance companies see termite issues as inevitable for many homes, in which case they would lose more money than they make. This illustrates how prevalent this problem is for many families and their homes.


Where do I get a termite warranty?

Getting a termite warranty starts with termite treatment performed by a licensed termite company. Warranties usually need to be renewed every year. 

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