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All About Fire Ants

With all the rain we've had recently, fire ant mounds are popping up everywhere overnight, literally. Do you think you have a fire ant problem but aren’t sure? No problem! Our Waynes pest control professionals are knowledgeable about multiple pests and are glad to help identify the issue bugging you. Below are a few facts from our Waynes professionals about fire ants.

1) Many people believe fire ants are large, red ants, but that is false. Fire ants are small, reddish-brown/black, and closely resemble the harmless native ants.

2) Fire ants were originally accidentally brought to the U.S. from Brazil by cargo ships in the early 1900s. The first sighting of fire ants was in Mobile, Alabama!

3) A key to identifying fire ants is by their mound. A fire ant mound has no obvious entry hole (unlike native black ants who have multiple entry holes). Usually, a fire ant mound is in an undisturbed area, like the base of a tree, or the edge of a lawn, but sometimes can be found in the middle of a lawn.

4) To test a suspect mound, use a small stick or pencil to poke a single hole in the soil. Leave the stick in there, but hold it by the end. Native black ants get confused when their mound is disturbed, so if, within seconds, you see ants climbing the stick and scurrying over the mound, you’re witnessing fire ants! Be sure to drop the stick/pencil before they reach your hand!

If you believe you have fire ants and can’t treat them, call our trusted pest professionals here at Waynes and we would be glad to assist you in treating these stinging pests! Fire ants can be a hassle during the summer. Don’t let them get in you or your family's way of having fun this summer!