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All About Mosquitoes

All About Mosquitoes

The more that you know about a topic, the easier it becomes to resolve issues related to that topic. It's important to know about mosquitoes to get them under control and properly treat their bites. We've provided some information to help you understand how they became such a big problem and why they are still one of the most hated insects today. 


One of the worst things about mosquitoes is their bites. Their bites itch and leave a swollen red bump on the surface of our skin. Only female mosquitoes bite because they need the protein from blood to nourish their eggs. They choose their host based on carbon dioxide, sweat, heat, and body odor. 

Mosquitoes pierce the skin with their straw-like tubes to inject an anti-blood-clotting chemical and simultaneously suck blood. Our physical reaction to a mosquito bite is actually the result of your body's immune system protecting you with natural antihistamines.


Mosquitoes transmit more diseases than any other creature, and they cause millions of deaths every year. Certain species of mosquitoes are known to carry West Nile, malaria, encephalitis, filariasis, and Yellow Fever. Diseases can be transmitted directly through the mosquito's saliva or through opportunistic parasites who attach themselves to the gut of the mosquito as they bite their host. 


Mosquito bites are the reason for over a million deaths every year. The people who are affected the most by disease-carrying mosquitoes are those who live in developing countries. Half the world's population is exposed to mosquito-borne diseases. Overall, mosquitoes have an immense effect on global health. 


To control the mosquito population, we must diminish their access to breeding grounds. With limited standing water, mosquitoes won't have anywhere to lay their eggs. Another method used to control the mosquito population is a pesticide, commonly used by pest control companies.

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