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JANUARY 06 2020 / LAWN

BWWB "Drought Emergency”

Dear Wayne's Lawn Care Customers,

The Birmingham Water Works has announced we are now in Stage 4 “Extreme Drought Emergency.”

The restriction allows hand watering with a hose 1 day a week (Monday or Friday) from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m.

Birmingham Water Works Announces "Drought Emergency”

If you are not able to water in lawn treatment until the next rain event, by label, the treatment will remain effective as long as it is moved into the root zone within 21 days. Our application rate of 100 gallons per acre will do an adequate job of accomplishing this even without much-needed rainfall. It will be more beneficial to the long term health of your lawn to make this application now than to postpone the treatment and miss our window for this application.

Feel free to call your Lawn Care Customer Experience Team with any questions.

Thank you for being a Waynes customer!

Your Waynes Lawn Care Team

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