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Don’t Have A Pesty Little Christmas

It’s the time of year we pull our favorite holiday decorations from the attic, visit tree lots, nurseries, and rush to the home supply store for the newest additions. We all enjoy seasonal decorations and basking in the ambiance they create.

But uninvited pests can quickly bring down the holiday spirit. Critters and insects can sneak in where you least expect it. Here are some ways you can keep your merry little Christmas from quickly turning into a pesty little Christmas:

Keep Creatures from Stirring, Even a Mouse

House mice are the most commonly encountered residential rodent. They like to eat your food and multiply in the warmth and safety of your home. In fact, the average female house mouse can produce as many as 35 offspring a year. They can be a big nuisance, can carry diseases, including salmonella, and can pose other structural threats to your home. 

These pests like to reside in dark, quiet places. Boxes of decorations, generally undisturbed in your attic or garage, make an ideal spot. You might notice gnawed holes in your boxes or droppings in or around them. 

Prevention of a mice infestation begins with regular home maintenance. These Houdini-like creatures can come in through even the smallest of cracks. Use silicone caulk to seal gaps around window seals and doors. Check under sinks around pipes and seal with steel wool.

If you see signs of a mice infestation, call Waynes for professional removal. 


Keep Ants and Spiders Off the Polar Express.

Bugs can come into your home unsuspectingly. Ants can ride in on natural decorations like trees, wreaths, and garlands. Spiders can also make their home in artificial and natural decorations. Firewood is another vehicle ants and spiders can travel in on when brought into your home. 

You can prevent bringing in ants and spiders and put an end to their free ride with a couple of steps. 

  • Inspect natural decorations before you bring them in your home, even those purchased at a nursery. 
  • Inspect and brush off any unwanted hitchhikers from your firewood before you bring it in the house. 
  • When it’s time to put away outdoor decorations, including artificial wreaths and garland, inspect and remove any pests you find before storing them away.


Make a List and Check It Twice!

In addition to inspecting decorations before and after the holiday season, you can create an unwelcoming environment for pests. Ensure your home is protected against winter invaders with this simple checklist.

Do you have an existing pest problem or need help protecting your home from unwanted pests? We can help keep you from having a pesty little Christmas! For more information about our services, plans, or pricing, contact us today!


From all of us at Waynes, we wish you a very Merry (Pest-Free!) Christmas.