Even the Most Secure of Buildings Need Pest Control
  1. Even the Most Secure of Buildings Need Pest Control


Even the Most Secure of Buildings Need Pest Control

The government doesn’t trust just anyone. No, we’re not talking about an evil suspicion of every other country in the world or trust between political parties. So, what do we mean when we say our government doesn’t trust just anyone?

The U.S. government is a giant organization, filled with a lot of people, doing various important jobs to keep this country running. Which means lots of things can go wrong. That is why government agencies require a high standard of excellence from professional companies that take on government contracts.

We aren’t talking just Washington D.C., but local state capitals – like Montgomery, AL and Nashville, TN – and places in between!

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Why is Professional Pest Control Important?

As stated earlier, the U.S. federal government and state governments are large organizations, filled with lots of people, doing lots of important things. To think of how many individuals come and go out of various government buildings is mind-boggling. This usually involves high-security documents, etc. that need extra special care. Now imagine if each of these individuals encountered a pest that travels easily, one that spreads disease, or one that causes structural damage. That would be a big problem!

Some of these pests include:

  • Termites – Can cause structural damage to historic buildings
  • Rodents – Can spread diseases and carry harmful bacteria
  • Cockroaches – Can trigger allergens in certain people, and spread diseases
  • Wasp/Bees – Stinging insects can cause allergic reactions
  • Bed bugs – Known to travel far and wide and spread easily, these pest love to flock near tons of people and feed on blood

A proactive approach to controlling pest infestations is essential to ensuring safety, health, and sanitation in government buildings. Waynes has professional, specialized plans for pest control that work to address not only threats that are currently in existence but to find the reasons why pests became a problem in the first place – information that is crucial in stopping further infestations.

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Why Choose Waynes for Your Government Pest Needs?

  • We use modern Integrated Pest Management, a smart and more effective way to control pests.
  • We have two board-certified entomologists and two associate-certified entomologists.
  • All our Service Professionals are trained and certified. At Waynes, we believe in a commitment to providing world-class service. We are constantly looking at everything we do to improve our team so that we can provide a quality service that sets the standard for not just the pest control industry, but the entire service sector.
  • We are QualityPro Certified and accredited by the National Pest Management Association.

If you need pest control for your home, business, factory, or government, go with the business you can trust! Call Waynes at 866.WAYNES1 or contact us today!