Holiday decor from your backyard
  1. Holiday Decor from your Backyard


Holiday Decor from your Backyard

Ahh, the smell of fresh greenery during the holidays brings many memories of Christmases past. But the cost of purchasing fresh greenery can smother that holiday cheer. Why not shop for free in your own backyard? You can find many beautiful holiday decorations all around your own yard!

Decorating doesn’t have to be expensive to be beautiful. We compiled a list of some of the southeast’s favorite plants to “spruce up” your Christmas decorations and what you can do with them!


Fresh Pine

Pine trees are common southeastern conifers, so chances are you have one in your yard or nearby. Fresh pine smells so good and is a Christmas staple! You can use pine branches, clippings, and pinecones for various decorations.

If you have any extra white Christmas lights, pair them with pine branches and make a simple, but elegant, farmhouse-style tabletop tree! You can also dress them up with dried flowers, fruits, and herbs for decorations!

Here is where we got our DIY inspiration!

For a deliciously fragrant decoration, put some pinecones into a large Ziploc plastic bag and add several drops of some cinnamon oil (this can be purchased at a craft store).

Set it aside for about 24 hours to give the pinecones time to absorb the scent, then display them in a lovely bowl or as part of an arrangement. They will lose their scent eventually, so simply repeat the process when needed, and enjoy!



Holly Bushes

Holly bushes are a common deciduous bush species in the southeast. You may recognize them as the bush with pointy leaves and red berries. They are seen as a symbol of hope and rebirth which makes it a perfect holiday decoration – especially during Christmas.

Holly branches can be used for multiple different designs. Feel free to dress up your tabletop tree with some clippings, decorate some wreaths with berries, or get creative with some candles!

We loved these decorative ideas!


Year-Round Holiday Care

Caring for these trees and bushes is important to ensure you have these perfect accessories for your holiday decorations. Think happy and healthy landscape equals beautiful decorations! Luckily, Waynes has been caring for trees and shrubs for nearly 50 years! Waynes Tree and Shrub Care Solutions include seasonal tree and shrub treatments throughout the year to ensure that you have a landscape you can be proud of. If you are noticing an issue with your ornamental trees or shrubs or are looking for lawn care management service, give Waynes a call at 866-WAYNES1 or contact us today!