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JANUARY 06 2020 / HOME

Home Maintenance Checklist

Thinking back to when we purchased our home, I remember that time to be extremely exciting but also very stressful. We poured all of our money, sweat, and tears into it to create that perfect home of our dreams. We invested so much and looking at it today...I'm proud of what we have accomplished.

If you're a homeowner, I'm sure you'd agree that your home is your BIGGEST asset and you know all too well that it requires a lot of maintenance! Yet, if you are honest with yourself you probably only invest time in "fixing problems" rather than "preventing problems". Oh, and let's not even talk about that non-existent budget & savings account you used to have saved up until that last "emergency" wiped you clean!

Let me share with you one key tip that my father-in-law shared with me. Work toward setting aside at least 1% of the total purchase price of your home for ongoing maintenance and put it into a separate account that is NOT top of mind. More is obviously better, but realistically a 1% budget is a good start for new homeowners. If you are strict with your budget & savings habits, the stress of a new water heater won't be as tough of a blow!

In addition, you may be surprised to find out that the general maintenance of your home won't even come close to breaking the bank. It is much more cost efficient to make those small adjustments monthly than it would be to replace the entire HVAC system down the road! All it really requires is setting aside the time to complete the items your list. If you already have a list, I encourage you to compare it to ours as well as check out our scheduling tips below. If you do not have a list, we've put together some important recommendations of potential items you should keep on your radar:

Basic Homeowner Checklist:

  • Trim trees away from home, clean gutters of leaves and debris and direct downspouts away from the foundation.
  • Have a Service Professional inspect your roof yearly for lose shingles, leaks, and hail damage.
  • Test HVAC system every 2-3 months replacing air filters when dirty, clearing vents of debris, and checking for carbon monoxide leaks.
  • Have a Service Professional inspect your HVAC system yearly.
  • Add/replace weather stripping to doors and caulking around windows for added insulation.
  • Reverse ceiling fans: Clockwise in the winter to create an updraft and counter-clockwise in the spring.
  • Check smoke detectors, fire alarms, and carbon monoxide detectors monthly and replace batteries at least 2 times per year.
  • Inspect fire extinguishers monthly checking for accessibility, pressure, and damage.
  • Tighten loose screws on doorknobs, locks, handles, and railing throughout the home.
  • Clean sink disposal by dropping vinegar ice cubes into it. The vinegar will clean it and the ice will sharpen the blade.
  • Clean range hood filter by soaking it in a water/degreaser mix then rinse it off.
  • Deep clean and vacuum refrigerator coils.
  • Run water and flush toilets in unused spaces to prevent mineral build-up.
  • Test garage door's auto-reverse feature and motion sensors.
  • Check driveway/pavement for cracks and re-seal before freezing weather causes cracks to worsen and expand.
  • Check water piping throughout home looking for water leaks and fix IMMEDIATELY.
  • Winterize sprinkler system by turning off and blowing compressed air through field lines. Drain garden hose.


One last parting tip I'd like to leave with you actually comes from my own personal life experiences. Create a schedule that works for you. For me, I personally use the Google Calendar feature that comes with my free Gmail account. I like this application because I get a reminder sent directly to me. In addition, I am able to add anyone to that calendar entry (as long as I have their email address) and they get a reminder as well. As the old adage goes, "Many hands make light work". This keeps my family all on the same page! And believe me, given that we are pulled in so many different directions these days, I'm sure you'd agree that every little bit helps!

We understand finding the time is nearly impossible, but you've invested so much already and general maintenance will help to reduce potential future stressors. Should you find that you already have too much on your plate, give Waynes a call. We have a general maintenance program that can take the guess-work out of caring for your home. Call us today at 1-866-WAYNES-1.