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JANUARY 06 2020 / LAWN

Leopard Spots

North / Central Alabama experienced its first “real frost” this morning. This means the temperatures were cold enough and winds were light enough that it allowed frost to collect on our lawns, windshields, rooftops, etc.

Luckily, for most of us, the temperatures will rise enough that Trick-or-Treating won’t be quite as cold tomorrow. However, we still recommend a warm jacket!

A week or two after the initial frost each year, we get a few calls reporting an odd spotted pattern in our customer’s yards. The majority of these cases are what our professionals at Waynes call “Leopard Spots”. These are generally nothing to worry about.

These spots can range from a few to covering a yard. Either way, the pattern is attributed to the frost we had this morning. While no one is completely sure why this type of pattern occurs, most believe it simply has to do with heat from the thatch layer being released during the time the frost is forming. This is especially true if the lawn is damp as our areas were after the rain this past weekend. Usually, the next frost will even things out and the entire lawn will become dormant brown for the winter. In the meantime, enjoy this free abstract lawn painting that nature designed especially for you!