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Mosquito Prevention Tips

4 Steps to Help Protect Your Yard from Mosquitoes

Does mosquito mania have you fearful of the outside? Fear not, and don’t let mosquitoes keep you from enjoying the outdoors! With just four simple steps from the Waynes family, you can manage these pesky pests and enjoy your yard again!

1. Use insect repellent

Every time you go outside, you should always use insect repellant. Upon applying the repellant, you should read the directions on the bottle for maximum coverage.

2. Dump out any standing water

Mosquitoes LOVE damp, wet and shady environments, which is why they tend to nest in these areas. Once a week, dump out any standing water you have, whether it be water bowls, plants, birdbaths, toys, tires, etc. Scrubbing them helps to keep them extra clean!

3. Repair windows and doors

Screened windows and doors are a great tool to keep pests out if you love fresh air. With well-kept screened doors and windows, you can keep your door or windows open without having to worry about mosquitoes coming in your home.

4. Have a trusted pest service

While these tips may make the outside bearable, they will not manage mosquitoes in the long run. Waynes can help keep your yard mosquito and worry-free!