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  1. OCT 2016 Water Restrictions

JANUARY 07 2020 / LAWN

OCT 2016 Water Restrictions

October 2016 Water Restrictions

At Waynes, we support the local municipalities’ decision to restrict the amount of water in accordance with the Birmingham Water Works guidelines while we all endure this ongoing drought.

We want to address some questions we’ve received regarding our recent lawn care treatments provided in central Alabama communities.

Will my recent lawn care treatment be effective without watering it in? The label for the product applied in our last treatment round will still be effective as long as it is watered in within 21 days of application. According to the restrictions in place, Hoover residents may water their yard during designated hours on 2 designated days per week.

How long should I water my lawn for the treatment to be effective? The manufacturer states the application should be watered in with ½” to ¾” of rain or irrigation. That should normally take about 20 minutes of irrigation per zone.

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"Birmingham Water Works implements drought surcharge for excess water use"

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