Pest Control: Science Over Magic
  1. Pest Control: Science Over Magic


Pest Control: Science Over Magic

Sometimes pests seem like magicians. They appear out of nowhere at the most inopportune times. But professional pest control is the triumph of science over magic. Let's walk through a typical pest control visit so you can see the science behind keeping the insect and rodent magic show off of your home's stage. 


Telepathy Isn't A Communication Strategy

Communication is the key to effective pest control. Your pest professional wants to know about any problems you have observed so they can address the problem's root cause. Have you heard strange noises or smelled something weird? Have you seen pests or signs they have infiltrated your home? Let your service provider know!


Some Service Professionals seem to think they magically understand your pest problems through telepathy, but good communication requires a proactive plan. Our customer relationships are vitally important, so we have adapted to facilitate communication while keeping your family safe during this time of social distancing. Instead of initiating direct contact, your Waynes pest professional can send a text message a few minutes before they arrive to see how things are going. We also have a team of customer service representatives ready to answer your call and an online client portal so you can communicate with us 24/7/365. 


After communicating about pest problems, a pest professional will inspect your home's exterior to identify additional issues. Most homeowners have a difficult time figuring out how pests find their way inside. They try to identify and treat every path in, but pests wriggle around these defenses like Houdini. We train our pest professionals to spot the secret passages pests use to access your home. Typical entry points for pests include:

  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Cracks and crevices in your home's foundation
  • Vents
  • Gutters
  • Attics

Once they identify access and entry points, the pest professional will customize your treatment plan to close these secret passages. 


Yard Inspection

Pest control professionals should check your yard for signs of pests and habitats that attract them. For example, a decaying tree stump could attract termites, standing water, and persistent moisture also attracts a variety of pests. Your pest professional will develop a plan for these pest-attracting habitats and notify you if there are issues outside the scope of a standard pest control service.


Pest Control Methods

There are almost as many approaches to pest control as there are pest control companies. Waynes uses cutting-edge pest control technologies that enable us to prevent most pest problems without coming inside your home. These effective technologies have helped us maintain our quality of service while social distancing. 

The real key to pest control is consistency. When we service the perimeter of your home regularly, we create a barrier around the exterior of your home, and in-home treatments usually aren't necessary. A pest professional uses a scientific approach to make bugs disappear, but they can also prevent bugs from magically appearing in the first place. Preventing an infestation is much easier than a disappearing act. 


Waynes Can Make Pests Disappear

Effective pest control rests on a foundation of science and consistency. The real magic is the bugs that never show up in the first place. So if you need an entertaining magic show for a children's birthday party, we probably aren't the right company to call. But if you want to make sure a roach doesn't crawl down the wall, horrifying your birthday party guests, then give us a call to schedule routine services, and we will say, "Abracadabra! Behold, the bug that never appeared!"

Do you need help pulverizing pests? Contact us today!