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  1. Rid Those Pantry Pests!


Rid Those Pantry Pests!

With the temperatures outside getting cooler, unwanted pests come indoors for shelter and food. You don’t want pests inside your home, but you definitely don’t want them in your pantry. Some of the more common pests homeowners find in their food items are Indian meal moths, flour beetles, saw-toothed grain beetles, and carpet beetles. Pantry pests can sometimes be very problematic to handle. Usually, by the time a homeowner realizes they have a problem, the pest may have spread to other food sources. Catching the problem early definitely helps!

Here are a few things you can do to keep pantry pests away: Always rotate groceries in your pantry. Instead of putting new products on the front of the shelf and pushing that 5-year-old box of oatmeal to the back, separate your pantry into right and left quadrants. Move older products to the right and place new products on the left. Use the products on the right first. Always seal open products in airtight containers such as Rubbermaid or Tupperware. Clean up any spilled food in the pantry area. Keep birdseed in a sealed container. Keep pet food in a sealed container. Discard old pet food if you no longer have the pet. If you see evidence of pantry pest in your home, don’t panic, we can help. Finding the infested items and disposing of them is usually the first step. Next, we can use traps to capture some species of pantry pests and lastly, we can apply insecticides to infested areas.

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