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  1. Scorpion Visitors in the Home


Scorpion Visitors in the Home

As the air turns colder, we typically begin seeing an increase in reports of uninvited home invaders. November is about the time these tiny critters begin the process of overwintering. This process is an insect’s form of hibernation where they seek out a warm shelter and prepare their bodies for a long winter’s nap. We, humans, refer to this process as “Netflix and Chill.”

One visitor, in particular, that really makes me want to grab the blowtorch is the scorpion! Now, I DO NOT RECOMMEND this by any means but they definitely make my skin crawl! There is just something about a hybrid crab/spider-looking creature that just…ugh! No thank you. Scorpions are arachnids, meaning they have 8 legs. They also have two front pinchers and a long Hulk-like-looking tail with a stinger at the end of it. They are definitely nightmare worthy!

Types of Scorpions in Alabama

For those who live in our Alabama markets, I have good news! We really only have two native species local to us: the Hentz-Striped Scorpion and the Southern Unstriped Scorpion. How is that good news exactly? Well, both of these scorpions average about 2 inches in size and about 2.5 inches on rare occasions. This means that while they are venomous, they typically only produce enough venom to be lethal to small insects and spiders.

Scorpions are generally non-aggressive, but they will sting when threatened. Their sting has been described as sharp, burning, and painful and usually lasts about 30 minutes. It is generally a localized pain and can remain swollen, red, and itchy for a few days. Keep an eye out for victims that are hypersensitive to the scorpion’s venom and monitor for a severe reaction. When in doubt, please call 9-1-1. It is always better to err on the side of caution.

There is a very good chance that, if you have found a scorpion in your home, it is alone. Scorpions cannot sustain themselves indoors. The likelihood of it following a food source into the home is high. They enter the home through cracks, door jams, windows or inadequately sealed pipes inside of the walls just like any other pest. By the way, can I recommend a highly reputable company that has the best customer service I know? Give us a call at 1-866-WAYNES1 or take a look and see for yourself via Waynes.

Getting Rid of Scorpions

Luckily, there are a few things we can do on the home front to discourage this unwelcome visitor. First and foremost, remove the trash and clutter. Scorpions and other pests for that manner are looking for dark and moist areas with plenty of hiding places. Secondly, remove large stones and fallen bark or limbs which are also desirable living spaces for the scorpion. Lastly, seal up those cracks around the home with caulk or mortar and apply weather stripping to loose-fitting doors. Adhering to common household maintenance of our homes is probably the best preventative measure we can take…well that, and calling our professionals at Waynes!