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Summer Lawn Heat Stress

Summer is here and the temperatures are on the rise! When you are outside in the hot sun, you get thirsty and tired, right? Your lawn is the same way! The sun is beating down, people are walking on it, and it needs water too! Your lawn needs an average of 1-1.5 inches of rainfall per week in the summer months. With the intense heat, your lawn may be suffering from heat stress. Here are some tips to help you, help your lawn.

What does heat stress look like? A major heat stress indicator is when your lawn starts to turn bluish-grey in color and begins to look thin.

What should I do to fix it?

  • Water it. If you start to notice the symptoms listed above, we recommend watering each area affected by heat stress by hand for 5-10 minutes, or until the water has puddled and is running out of the area. The soil should be wet at least 2 inches in depth. You will need to repeat this daily until the turf recovers.

  • Reduce mowing and foot traffic. When you’re stressed and irritated, you don’t want to be stepped on and messed with so give your lawn a break too!

  • Stop fertilizing and other lawn maintenance. Don’t perform aeration or de-thatching while your lawn is suffering from heat stress. Be sure to have a good plan for when it does recover to help it reach its full potential again.

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