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  1. Technology: 1 Infestation: 0 -- How Waynes Smartpest Solution Keeps Rodents Away


Technology: 1 Infestation: 0 -- How Waynes Smartpest Solution Keeps Rodents Away

How would you feel about a pest control solution that could identify and eliminate intruders that were hoping to remain unnoticed?  

Rodents like to stick to the shadows and spend their active hours at night, so they can go days (or more) without being noticed. So when a rodent tries to come to YOUR home, there’s only one solution: Smartpest.

Are Mice a Problem In Your Home?

Roughly a third of American households experience rodent visitors. These problems are especially prevalent in the fall and winter months when these tiny creatures are looking for somewhere warm to spend the cooler months. 

Since mice choose basements or attics as their most preferred hiding spots, it’s easy for them to sneak around your home undetected. Check out this infographic from PestWorld showing where and when these pest problems occur! 

Rodents are likely the LAST thing you want to see in your house. That’s where Smartpest comes in to save the day. 

What is Smartpest?

Smartpest Residential uses game-changing technology to provide an enhanced pest-control experience for a more sustainable future. 

SMART is an intelligent system that keeps an eye on the things you don’t want to see. It works by constantly monitoring and instantly reacting to prevent costly infestations.

We use an initial assessment of your home to create a customized Smartpest plan. Our Service Professionals will strategically place our digital SMART system around your home to detect rodent infestations and include as-needed non-toxic traps to eliminate these intruders. 

Waynes Smartpest System: How It Works

Our Smartpest system is made up of three components. 

The Smart Connect Mini is a communication hub that tracks data and informs of any pest problems. 

The Smart Eye Mini uses a passive infrared sensor to detect motion up to 6 feet. If pest movement is detected, it lets the Connect Mini know. 

The third component is the Smart Snap. It is a covered trap that uses a sensor to detect and eliminate mice. When a pest is caught, we will come out to remove it and reset the trap! 

See how Smartpest works in this video!


Why Choose Smartpest?

Smartpest works faster than traditional pest control. In many instances, we can identify a pest problem and eliminate it before you’ve noticed something is amiss! 

Smartpest minimizes damage and treatment time, saving you money and increasing the value of your investment in protecting your home from unwanted guests.

To learn more about our exclusive Smartpest solution, contact us today or call us at 866WAYNES1.