The Top Hiding Spaces for Pests in Manufacturing Facilities
  1. The Top Hiding Spaces for Pests in Manufacturing Facilities

JULY 22 2022 /

The Top Hiding Spaces for Pests in Manufacturing Facilities

Manufacturing facilities can be quite large, housing massive machinery to get various jobs completed. If something were to happen to one of these machines, operations would not be able to run smoothly. You may think “out of sight, out of mind,” but it isn’t the way to approach pest control in your facility. 

Rodents can chew through wires and cables, roaches can contaminate equipment, as well as various other issues. When conducting a routine sweep of your facility, make sure to check these hard-to-reach areas around machinery for pests:

Behind Machines

Tip: Use a flashlight for pests hiding in the dark behind your equipment. Equipment and machines can get really dirty and cause a lot of debris. Debris build-up behind machinery provides amble shelter for pests and rodents!

Between Machines

It might be a tight squeeze for you, but it is no match for an uninvited pest.

Underneath Machines

Like before, debris can build up behind, between, and underneath machines. We might not like dirty spaces, but pest sure do. Underneath machines is another top hiding space for pests. Using the debris as camouflage and shelter. You could say pests thrive in filth!

Checking the high traffic areas of your facility are often a great starting point for noticing pest issues. Having a trusteed and trained pest professional, can help even more.


Why Choose Waynes?

You deserve smart, industry leading pest control services that get the job done – especially when the job is crucial to your manufacturing and plant operations. When your facility has heavy equipment, machines, tools, raw materials, and employees to create a finished product, having pests is NOT part of the plan. 

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