The Waynes Philosophy: Integrity, Courage, Perseverance, Character
  1. The Waynes Philosophy: Courage, Integrity, Perseverance, Character


The Waynes Philosophy: Courage, Integrity, Perseverance, Character

If you’ve been around a while, you’ve probably heard us say, “your home is your castle, and Waynes is your shield.” We use this phrase when talking about our ability to protect your home from unwanted pests, but this shield is also how we express what we value most. 

We created the Waynes Shield to be a constant visual reminder of who we are and what we believe in. These four values: Integrity, Courage, Perseverance, and Character, are foundational to the business we have built and how we serve our customers. 

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Integrity starts with communication! We say what needs to be said and hear what needs to be heard. If there is a difficult conversation to be had, we will be open and honest. When we receive feedback, we listen and adapt. 

We are a business, but we would never choose profit or growth that came at the expense of a client’s experience. We want you to know that you can trust our Service Professionals with your home, lawn, and pest problems. 

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We see courage as doing the right thing in the moment, even when no one is looking. Sometimes life gives us choices, and the easy way isn’t always the best way. We want each of our Service Professionals to display courage in their decisions, whether in the office or out in the field. 

Doing the right thing means serving our customers with honesty, dedication, and reliability. 

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“Work not by the clock, but until the job is done and done well.” As pest control and lawn care professionals, a rushed job is an incomplete one. We never want to leave a home or business knowing we haven’t fully addressed the need. 

Sometimes this means your Service Professional may be around longer than we anticipated. Just know that it is his or her mission to ensure that we have done all that we have promised to do! 

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Our character is foundational to who we are. It’s the culmination of courage, integrity, and perseverance every day and at every job site. We want to be known as a people who do what we say we will do. 

We want to be known for doing the right thing, serving one another by listening and speaking courageously, and pursuing world-class effort until the job is done well.

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Every Little Thing Matters, A Lot

Our core values aren’t just a few buzzwords we threw together because it’s something companies are supposed to have. These are the words we have built our business around. These are the characteristics we see in every employee and new hire. And this is what we want our customers to experience in every encounter with our team. We strive to do our best and rely on your feedback to continue to live out our promise. Click here to leave us a review.


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