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JANUARY 07 2020 / LAWN

Watering Tips

As the temperature begins to cool, your lawn will eventually require less watering. However, continue your set schedule of 1-2 times per week, only slowing to about 1 time per week when your lawn tells you it’s ready.

Your lawn will display signs of wilting as a way of telling you it’s thirsty. The blades will typically fold in half lengthwise and will become blueish grey in color.

On the flip side, when your lawn has had too much water, you may notice that your footprints will remain as you walk across it. If that is the case, skip watering for a day or so, but remember to check on it later in the week.

Keep in mind, that just because your lawn starts to turn brown doesn’t mean it needs less water. It is still very important to water your grass regularly as this will give your lawn the strength it needs to make it through winter.