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JANUARY 07 2020 / HOME

Waynes Believes in Servant-Hearted People

At Waynes, we take pride in working to provide a better world for everyone. That’s why we support and participate in a vast number of charitable causes such as Habitat for Humanity, Lifeline Children’s Services, Altar 84, and so many more. One very special charity that we hold dear to our hearts is Niños de la Luz. Niños de la Luz is an organization that is dedicated to reaching street kids in Latin America for Christ by giving them hope, restoration, and love through family, education, and discipleship. Many of these kids are abandoned by parents and family, addicted to inhalants and drugs, and have been rejected by their societies and deemed as a hopeless cause. Niños de la Luz offers them hope and tools for a better life while demonstrating God’s profound love for them.

Waynes employees believe in this mission wholeheartedly and have jumped into helping these children without any reservations. During the beginning of December, teams of servant-hearted Waynes employees worked hard to collect clothing, school supplies, and shoes for the orphans of Niños de la Luz, totaling eight huge bags that were donated to them on December 4th. These special employees also took time out of their own busy lives to donate their time to Niños de la Luz by building, painting, and staining the children’s recreational areas. This kind of charitable willingness is why Waynes is so great: We are made up of wonderful, selfless employees.

Waynes knows that the world is a better place when companies take a real interest in philanthropic work. That’s why we are so grateful to our altruistic employees and to our loyal customers who enable us to support such important, life-altering charities like Niños de la Luz. If you’re a servant-hearted person looking for a rewarding place to work, we believe Waynes might just be the perfect fit for you! For more information on how to apply to join our Waynes family, click here.