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JANUARY 07 2020 / HOME

Waynes Home - Professional Caulking Tips

Purchasing a home can be quite an exciting time! Chances are you've saved and pinched every penny you could possibly find to finally afford that shiny new oasis of your dreams! As life would have it though, your dream bubble breaks and you are plunged into a reality where things break and fall apart.

It is inevitable that things that can go wrong...will go wrong and our Waynes Home team knows just how wrong those things can go. However, with proper maintenance, many of those problems can actually be avoided.

One item that is often overlooked for fear of difficulty, is removing and replacing the caulking around sinks, tubs, and showers. Surprisingly, this is one job that many homeowners find they can handle themselves. To learn more, check out these basic guidelines below and see for yourself just how simple of a process it is.

Waynes Home - Professional Caulking Tips

Removing Caulk:

  • Use a razor blade to cut away the damaged area.
  • Clean area with a standard household cleaner
  • Allow the area to dry thoroughly.

*Never apply new caulk over old as this may worsen an underlying mold or mildew issue.

Loading a Caulk Gun:

  • Snip the tip of caulk canister with a straight cut.
  • Place the tube into the caulk gun.
  • Squeeze trigger a few times to build up pressure.
  • Wipe away any caulking that may escape tube.

*For areas like the kitchen and bathroom, a silicone-based caulk is generally recommended.

Applying Caulk:

  • Allow tip to glide over the smoothest surface possible.
  • Avoid using wrists and allow the upper body to do the work.
  • Gently push the caulk into the area as it glides across the surface.

*Wearing latex or vinyl gloves and having a disposable towel on hand will make it easier to smoothly remove any excess caulk from your working area.

Drying Time:

  • Ideally, 24 hours before exposing to water will allow caulk enough drying time to fully cure.

Should you have a bigger job on your hands than you wish to tackle, give one of our Waynes Home Professionals a call today. 1-866-WAYNES1