Get Rid of Mosquitos & Other Pests with Waynes Mosquito Plus
  1. What Is Mosquito Plus? A Comprehensive Solution to Your Pest Problems


What Is Mosquito Plus? A Comprehensive Solution to Your Pest Problems

Although nobody has done an exact count, it’s estimated that over a hundred trillion mosquitos exist. Sometimes it feels like half of these pests have gathered in your backyard right when you decide to step outside and enjoy the nice weather.  


We’re here to make sure the only guests at your summer barbecue or backyard picnic are the invited ones. No more mosquitos and no more unwelcome pests! 


Getting Rid of Mosquitos with Mosquito Plus

Waynes Mosquito Plus uses an environmentally friendly solution to kill mosquitos and prevent these pests from further populating your home. Our mosquito control works fast and ensures that you won’t be plagued by these biting pests for a long, long time. 


If you’re noticing a particularly bad mosquito season this year, you could be unknowingly attracting them. See these not-so-fun facts about what attracts mosquitos here. 


Need help mutilating mosquitos? That’s our specialty. Contact us today to learn more. 


What About the Plus?

What makes Waynes Mosquito Plus an even better solution is that it targets not just mosquitos, but fleas and ticks as well. Like mosquitos, fleas and ticks can carry diseases and cause health problems for both people and pets. 


Over 15 diseases are transmitted by ticks across the US, the most common being Lyme Disease. See how to protect yourself and your family from Lyme Disease here! 


Fleas can be anything from an itchy nuisance to the cause of tapeworms and anemia in pets, especially dogs. We call them “small pests that cause big problems.”


You don’t want to see ANY of these pests on your property, so we proactively developed a solution to eliminate all three. With Waynes Mosquito Plus protection, you can sleep well at night knowing that we have safely and effectively eliminated these notorious biting bugs from in and around your home. 

Call Waynes to Mutilate Mosquitos (And Fleas and Ticks)

If you want a summer free of these pesky pests, call Waynes! Our Mosquito Plus solution uses environmentally safe methods and proactive exclusion technologies to keep your home pest-free. 

Find out more by contacting us here or calling us at 866.WAYNES1.