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  1. Where Do Bugs Go In the Winter?


Where Do Bugs Go In the Winter?

Cold weather is a great excuse to stay inside to relax with a fire and a warm drink. Winter is also relaxing because pest activity decreases. Does that mean winter is a no-bug season? Not exactly. 

The bugs aren't gone. They are just hanging out in new locations. We put together a guide on where bugs go during the winter and how you can make sure they don't visit you. 



Taking a month-long nap after a big Christmas dinner sounds like an excellent way to end this year, but hibernation is a skill reserved for bears -- and some bugs. Some beetles, roaches, and bees find seasonal shelter and warmth in trees or nests. Others -- like wasps -- hibernate inside barns, attics, or garages. 

While their dormancy may provide freedom from buzzing and biting, this period of rest saves their energy for lots of activity in warmer months. 



Since only fully-grown adult insects hibernate, many species of insects survive winter as eggs, pupae, or larvae buried in the soil until spring welcomes them into the world of your backyard. They also may find shelter beneath fallen leaves and under tree bark. This is known as overwintering. 

Read these lawn care tips to minimize the big habitats in your yard this winter!


Home Invasion

Anthropods like roaches, spiders, and ants, are exothermic, meaning they cannot produce heat on their own, so they are affected by environmental temperatures as they seek shelter and food. This makes your home an attractive destination. Basements, crawl spaces, cozy corners, and your Christmas tree provide an ideal habitat for these critters as they wait for temperatures to rise.


Be A Step Ahead

It's no secret that bugs are less active in the wintertime, but the bugs are preparing for spring, and you should too. The winter lull provides the perfect opportunity to get ahead of these critters to protect your home and yard from a future invasion.  

To find out more about protecting your holiday celebrations from these unwelcome visitors and ensure that you don't have a bigger bug problem come spring thaw - call Waynes for professional pest control services! Get a free estimate or give us a call at 866-WAYNES1.