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  1. Why Recurring Pest Control Is Beneficial to You


Why Recurring Pest Control Is Beneficial to You

Many people assume that after one pest control treatment, all of their pest problems will disappear. But this isn't always the case. Many factors play a part in determining how often your home should be treated and how effective that treatment will be. In most cases, it's best to receive regular treatments. Waynes Service Professionals have compiled a list of reasons why we recommend scheduling recurring pest control treatments.


The Kind of Pest Targeted Determines Length of Treatment

Some pests, including cockroaches, are stubborn and would probably survive an apocalypse. These pests require more than one treatment. Other bugs like silverfish are easier to eliminate and may not require as much attention. 

Treatment for ants requires consistency and maintenance because they are likely to return after a few months. Your Waynes Professional can help you determine the best course of action. As time goes on, your treatments could become less frequent.

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Recurring Outdoor Treatments Are Effective

Waynes Pest Professionals apply the very first pest control treatment inside your home to eliminate the surface problems. The treatments that follow will be applied outside your home to get to the root of the problem. Recurring treatments outside your home create a barrier that drives pests away and expands with each treatment. One treatment inside the home is only a temporary fix. You could see fewer pests with recurring treatments inside, but the goal is to protect your home. And the best way to do this is by driving pests away through recurring outdoor treatments where 95% of pest problems originate.


Choose Waynes!

If you don't have a pest problem currently and want to keep it that way, recurring pest control is a good investment. You don't want to worry about a pest infestation popping up out of nowhere and causing unwanted stress and expense. 

If you have a pest problem, we understand the inconvenience and uneasiness that comes with sharing your home with uninvited guests. It's not a pleasant feeling and can affect other areas of your life. Simply arranging regular treatment can help relieve some of that stress as you see the bugs start to disappear. Recurring treatments can give you peace of mind so that you can live confidently and comfortably in your home. 

Waynes offers a comprehensive pest control program that ensures your home is pest-free year-round. Your Waynes Pest Professional will provide timely and thorough treatments around the exterior perimeter of your home, pulverizing a wide variety of pests. We are also available on an as-needed basis to resolve any interior pest issues. To start pulverizing your pest problem through regular treatments NOW, get in touch with us. You'll be able to relax knowing your home and family are safe.