Pest Control and Lawn Care For Schools and Universities
  1. Educational Institutions

Pest Control for Educational Institutions

Effectively managing a school campus is incredibly complex. It requires fostering a learning environment where students feel safe, challenged, and enthusiastic to show up every day. When this environment is achieved, true transformation in the next generation can happen. However, a safe and inviting learning environment doesn't happen without proper facility maintenance. 


Waynes provides total facility pest control and lawn care services to ensure your buildings are safe, healthy, and beautiful inside and out. Without proper pest control, you can soon find yourself with an outbreak of pests that disrupt learning and ruin your reputation. Waynes makes pest control simple with our comprehensive extermination and 24-7 Smartpest monitoring program.


Total Pest Control Inside and Out

Educational institutions require comprehensive mosquito, ant, termite, rodent, and other pest control to keep pests out 24/7. We use various preventative and extermination techniques that are safe for people and the environment to ensure you never have pests inside. We also use pest prevention for outdoor areas of your campus to ensure insects like mosquitoes and fire ants don't harm students as they walk to class.


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Eliminate Mosquitoes and Rats Near Your Facility

Mosquitoes are annoying, and they carry diseases. The same is true for rats and rodents, especially if they enter your kitchens and food supplies. Don't risk exposing patients to further complications -- keep all pests out with our Smartpest solution: 

  • Ideal for both interior extermination and exterior pest prevention
  • Prevent the spread of disease
  • Rodent control without rodenticides - Eliminate dangerous rodenticides and the associated liability
  • 24/7 monitoring lets you know about a problem before it affects patients

Lawn Care For Your Campus

A pristine campus starts with beautiful landscaping. By investing in lawn care with Waynes, you can make a great impression on students and staff. We provide tree trimming, grass care, seasonal landscaping, and more to ensure your facility looks as good outside as it does inside. This also helps prevent pests from living near your campus, as they no longer have overgrown places to live onsite.

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More Reasons To Choose Waynes 

Waynes Smartpest and Lawn Care services aren't just about taking care of your campus. They're about taking care of your people with exceptional customer service and attention to detail every time. Some of the perks of working with Waynes include: 

  • Knowledgeable pest professionals at every onsite visit
  • Customized pest strategies using state-of-the-art techniques and tools
  • A proactive approach to pest prevention that includes exclusionary methods such as caulking, sealing, and screening
  • Ongoing exterior treatments that include a comprehensive ant program and web brushing along first-floor windows and doorways
  • Detailed reporting provided following each service visit
  • Rapid response to all service inquiries
  • A company committed to the environment – a member of the EPA's Environmental Stewardship Program since 2004
  • Discounts on residential pest prevention, lawn care, and termite protection for your employees