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You can put your trust in Waynes Pest Control to help you eliminate pest infestations and prevent them from returning to your Birmingham, AL, home. Our comprehensive pest control and sustainable approach eliminates and stops all pest problems — from fleas to cockroaches, termites, and more.

If you’ve finally had enough of worrying and you are ready to reclaim your home from pests that have taken over, reach out to us at 205-725-6600 and get a free estimate today.  

Ultimate Pest Control in Birmingham, AL for Your Home or Business

Founded in 1973, Waynes has 50 years of pest control experience. Our pest management company has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau,  and our partnership program has helped us collaborate with several local and regional businesses.

Our pest professionals undergo extensive training through Waynes University to understand your situation and recommend the right treatments that can keep your home pest-free. We only use sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions—we believe our customers deserve nothing but the best.

Combat Pests in Birmingham, AL 

Dealing with a pest infestation can be challenging. Waynes Pest Control offers a variety of natural solutions that are safe and designed to effectively eradicate pests from your home. If you’re seeking preventative maintenance solutions you can trust, we can apply Waynes EnviroPest home pest prevention solution to safeguard your home from pests and keep them at bay.

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Ants travel in packs, and it’s more effective to eliminate them the same way. Once you spot an ant in your home, it can be assumed that there are more nearby. Schedule pest control services with Waynes Pest Control as soon as you can. We have safe and effective ant control treatment plans available that can wipe ants out completely.