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Waynes Pest Control offers top-tier ant control services in Birmingham, featuring highly effective extermination methods and preventive techniques implemented by our expert pest control team. With over fifty years of extensive experience, our ant pest control services showcase why we've earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. We also actively participate in the EPA Environmental Stewardship Program and provide eco-friendly solutions.

The Best Ant Treatment in Birmingham

Ants can become a real nuisance in Birmingham, Alabama, and throughout Jefferson County. These persistent pests invade homes in search of food, showing no fear as they explore cupboards, crawl across countertops, and scavenge for crumbs. Initially, you might only spot a few, but there are likely countless more nearby—possibly numbering in the millions!

When you’re ready to evict these unwelcome pests, contact our Birmingham ant pest control professionals. Trained at Waynes University, our ant control experts will inspect your home to locate ant colonies. We'll seal entry points and strategically place bait traps. As ants forage for food, they'll encounter our bait, carrying it back to exterminate the entire population, including the queen.

At Waynes Pest Control, we never settle for “good enough”. Instead, we prioritize delivering the finest ant control services, preventing ant entry into your home, and placing our eco-friendly pest control directly at the source: the queen and colony.

Increasing Challenges Presented By Ants

A small number of ants in your home can be a frustration. This minor problem can quickly become a bigger one as ants establish and increase the size of their colonies. As they hunt for crumbs, they leave pheromone trails, guiding other ants to enter your Birmingham home through cracks and crevices, making it easy for the infestation to grow. This can result in ants spreading their germs and contaminating your home. 

Certain ant species may even sting or bite you and your family while underground ant colonies have the potential to damage your home. Don’t wait to take action! Reach out to our Birmingham pest control experts, and we’ll provide the best ant control services for your specific situation.

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Ant Prevention Techniques 

The best ant pest control is preventing them from getting inside your Birmingham home in the first place. Here are tips on what to do and what not to do to help make that happen.


  • Use tightly-lidded containers to store your food, especially candy and other sweets.
  • Keep your house clean, dusting regularly and wiping up crumbs promptly.
  • Keep entry points into your home sealed off, including tiny cracks and crevices.


  • Put piles of firewood near or in your home.
  • Attempt to address outdoor ant highways yourself; DIY techniques like spraying water don’t usually work.
  • Interfere with visible ant mounds. 

For effective, affordable Birmingham pest control for ants, contact Waynes Pest Control online or call (205) 985-7009

Signs of an Ant Infestation

Early on, signs of a growing infestation may be small: perhaps just a couple of ants. Later, they march in a single line with their mission clear: they lay down a path of pheromones, using it to create a trail toward the food in your house. At the end of this path is typically their nest. Don’t disturb it, though. Instead, get in touch with us for highly effective Birmingham pest control for ants. You can also call us at (205) 985-7009 for the best ant control services available today.