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Don’t Spend This Year Getting Bit by Mosquitoes

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If you grew up in Birmingham, AL, living with mosquitoes around, especially in the spring and summer, is a way of life. However, trying to rid your outdoor space of these pesky insects can seem like an uphill battle. 

With Waynes Pest Control, enjoying your backyard without swatting mosquitoes is always within reach. Thanks to our expertly trained professionals that train at Waynes University, our dynamic approach to mosquito control, and our eco-friendly solutions, your outdoor space can be your happy place all year long. Come with us as we share how we provide affordable mosquito extermination, and how you can enjoy hassle-free mosquito management in your backyard. 

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Take Control of Your Mosquito Problem this Season 

Whether you're enjoying a meal with your family in the backyard at night, or you want to get out and get some fresh air, getting swarmed by mosquitoes should be the last thing on your mind. With Waynes Pest Control, we’ll inspect your home and provide a dynamic, and custom solution for your particular home that can effectively provide mosquito management or mosquito extermination, so you can have peace of mind all season long. 

Mosquitoes Aren’t Just Flying Pests

Since mosquitoes are so prevalent here in Birmingham, AL, we sometimes become desensitized and write them off as simple pesky insects that buzz past our ears and sometimes bite us. Many of us have become accustomed to spraying two to three layers of Deet on our bodies before we leave the house in the Spring and Summer time. However, mosquitoes are not just irritating insects that are a nuisance to our outdoor enjoyment.