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Pest Control and Lawn Care For Phenix City Homes and Businesses

Our welcoming town has come a long way since our infamous 1950s reputation as “Sin City”. Unfortunately, a handful of uninvited citizens, including cockroaches, ants, fleas, mosquitoes, spiders, termites, and rodents stick around as annoying reminders of our past. But you don’t have to worry. Waynes is committed to upholding the charming reputation Phenix, AL has today by keeping homes and businesses pest-free all year long. We define a barrier around your property using advanced Smartpest technology to stop your pest problems from the outside in.

Since 1973, Waynes has been the leading provider of pest control and prevention services in the South. All Waynes pest professionals are highly trained through Waynes University to ensure they are fully prepared to solve your pest problems. In most cases, we don’t even have to come inside your home.

Call Waynes today to schedule a free inspection, and one of our pest professionals will create a pest control approach tailored to your needs. You can count on Waynes to be reliable in fixing your pest problems for good. We also keep Phenix City lawns lush.

Organic Pest Control In Phenix City: Safe for Families, Pets, and the Environment

Whether you’re floating along the Chattahoochee River or picnicking around Moon Lake, you shouldn’t have to choose between protecting your family and caring for your environment. That’s why Waynes uses environmentally-friendly pest control tools that are safe for your family, pets, and natural resources. As a proud member of the EPA’s Environmental Stewardship program, we believe the same technologies that keep your family and home safe are the same technologies that will be used to protect Alabama’s great outdoors for generations to come. Waynes is committed to sustainability so that can peacefully enjoy nature without worrying about causing further harm.

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Common Pests in Phenix City, AL

Phenix City's hot and humid climate is ideal for a variety of pests. Each of these roaches, rodents, and pests has distinct behaviors and responds to different kinds of treatments.

Common Roaches in Phenix City

Common roaches in Phenix City include the German cockroach, the American cockroach, the smoky brown cockroach, the brown-banded cockroach, and the Oriental cockroach.