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At Waynes, we exterminate pests for good and prevent them from returning to your Huntsville, AL, home. Our comprehensive pest control and sustainable approach eliminates and stops all pest problems — from mosquitoes to termites, lawn care, and more.

If you’ve finally had enough of worrying and you are ready to reclaim your home from pests that have taken over, reach out to us and get a free estimate today.    

Fight Back Against Pests in Huntsville, AL

At Waynes, we believe the smartest way to manage an infestation is to prevent it. Our year-round treatment plan prevents bugs from nesting in your home. Additionally, our pest professionals undergo extensive training through Waynes University to understand your situation and do the right thing at the right time to keep your home pest-free. We are proud members of the Huntsville community and don't take the opportunity to serve our friends and neighbors lightly.

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Since ants travel in packs, the sight of one is an indication there may be others lurking nearby. An experienced pest control company, such as Wanyes, can provide you with superior ant control treatment plans that focus on wiping out the entire colony.  

The first step is to make sure your home is clean by ensuring all food is properly stored and put away. Waynes can also help identify where entry points are for the pests and make sure those holes and crevices are sealed. Based on what we find, we will recommend a plan for your specific circumstances. This can include a bait approach that will target the ant colony and eradicate the ants for good.