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Troubled by rodents? Waynes Pest Control has the solution. With fifty years of experience in the pest control industry—and with specialized professionals trained at Waynes University—it’s not surprising that our company has already provided affordable pest control for 150,000+ customers. Add in our environmentally friendly, sustainable removal services, and you have a winning combination for effective pest and rodent control in Huntsville, AL.

Rodent Control in Huntsville: How Waynes Can Help

Rodents really do cause double amounts of trouble. First, mice, rats, and other rodent species can cause significant damage to your home—and they can also spread nasty diseases both directly and then indirectly through the fleas that bite them as the rodents escort them through your property. Now the good news: we take pests and rodents out of the equation—even with the most difficult infestations. 

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Common Rodents in Huntsville

Rats and mice are two common types of rodents and within them exist numerous types of species—with plenty of them found in Alabama, including in Huntsville. Some of the rodent species that we regularly handle include the following:

  • Rats: Brown rats are quite common, and so are roof rats—which can also be called black rats or ship rats. Typically, they’ll settle in your basement or ground floor when they come indoors although some species may prefer living higher up, perhaps in attics. 
  • Mice: The house mouse is the most common species, and they really love to chew through a home. Other species you may see include deer mice, harvest mice, and meadow jumping mice. 

Our expert rodent control professionals will identify the species and address your unique situation.

What Attracts Rats and Mice to Huntsville Homes?

Like other species, food, water, and shelter appeal to rodents—in other words, free meals and lodging. To make matters more challenging, rodents can define a “meal” pretty broadly, being omnivorous critters that will eat just about anything. Some mice will even feast on cables and wiring. 

All may be calmer in the summer while the rodents hang around outside. Once cooler temperatures arrive, though, they’ll look for refuge for the wintertime. So, it just makes sense to protect your home by making it less appealing to these unwanted creatures.