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How Can Waynes Remove Ants in Shelby County?

Ants may not be the first pest that comes to mind when you think of infestations, but they can be far more of a nuisance to Shelby County, Alabama residents than you might think. Without Waynes’ ant control in Shelby County, AL, these fearless creepy crawlies will have no qualm about setting up colonies on your property and can eventually start foraging in your home. If you see one making its way across your kitchen countertop, there’s likely to be many (possibly millions more) lurking underneath the surface.

This is where Waynes comes in. Our ant exterminators are trained to inspect and examine your property, block off access points, and leave bait traps that these have-a-go explorers can take back to their own homes, targeting their entire colony. With Waynes, we won’t just stop the foragers from making their way in; we’ll take our environmentally-friendly solution right back to the heart of the colony – its queen.

Common Problems Associated with Ants in Shelby County, AL

For most people, ants are nothing more than a nuisance. However, if left unchecked, a couple of wandering ants searching for crumbs can soon become a serious problem. Ants spread germs and contaminants, and in some cases, they can bite and even sting you. Their underground colonies can be a threat to your home. Therefore, it is worth utilizing ant pest control services like ours to nip the problem in the bud before they get a foothold around your property.

Ants seek to build immense colonies and use pheromone trails to lead fellow foragers to any active food source they find. They can sneak in through the smallest cracks and crevices, and these are often overlooked by the untrained eye. Our skilled team of professionals has been educated at Waynes University to identify and seal these paths.

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Stopping Ants from Entering Your Home in Shelby County

Each type of ant in Alabama has its own preferences, but you can generally use a host of solutions to cover your bases. Our top tips to stop ants from entering your home include:

  • Avoid leaving firewood piled inside or outside (near) your home.
  • Put foodstuff (especially sweets and candy) inside Tupperware, with the lids firmly sealed.
  • Clean up regularly, including dust and crumbs.
  • Avoid antagonizing visible ant mounds until Waynes’ professionals can take care of them.
  • Seal off any visible cracks and holes if you suspect ants are using them to travel.
  • Attempting to disrupt outdoor highways by blocking them or spraying water seldom works. Ants are surprisingly good problem solvers, will often navigate around such blocks and aren’t put off by a bit of water.

Of course, once they’ve established a path that has proven successful, ants will likely continue to explore your home in search of new food sources. Once this occurs, Waynes’ ant treatment services are necessary to disrupt the pattern.

Tell-Tale Signs of an Early-Stage Ant Infestation in Alabama

There are a few tell-tale signs of early-stage ant infestations that you can look for, and these should help you determine when it is the ideal time to seek pest control for ants. 

Ants tend to march in single file, so this is a clear sign that they’re on a mission and have found a path. By following the path, you can see where their nest originates (don’t disturb it) and where the highway runs to. If you see a solitary ant indoors, it is unlikely to be alone, and it can signal other ants to come to its aid. This may be the ideal time to contact Waynes and enquire about our ant control services.