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Waynes brings championship-level pest control to the City of Champions. Tuscaloosa has led Alabama from the beginning, serving as the state capital for 2 decades and providing a home for the oldest land-grant university in the state. In Tuscaloosa, we believe in winning the right way, and Waynes puts that into practice by using kid and pet-safe state-of-the-art technology to exterminate pest problems before they start. We've led the pest control industry for 5 decades and invested in tools to extend that lead in the decades to come. Waynes is Tuscaloosa’s #1 choice to prevent and exterminate pests, like, cockroaches, ants, fleas, mosquitoes, spiders, termites, mice, and even tigers (wink).

In Tuscaloosa, we know the importance of home-field advantage. Waynes exterminator services use advanced infrared technology to stop rodents before you have a problem.  Our Smartpest technology defends your home from the outside, creating a perimeter preventing insects from gaining entry. 

Tuscaloosa is continuing to build one of the nation's most livable cities, and Waynes is committed to keeping our homes and businesses pest free.

Family and Pet-Safe Pest Control in Tuscaloosa

Waynes pest control technology prevents pest problems while protecting children and pets. Waynes is a proud member of the EPA's Environmental Stewardship Program. We believe protecting our families, home, and businesses includes caring for the city we call home and our natural resources, including Lake Lurleen State Park, Lake Tuscaloosa, and the Black Warrior River. Waynes is committed to approaches that protect these beautiful outdoor areas by using exterminator technologies that minimize environmental impact.

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Common Pests in Tuscaloosa, AL

Tuscaloosa's hot and humid climate is ideal for a variety of pests. Each of these roaches, rodents, and pests has distinct behaviors and responds to different kinds of treatments.

Common Roaches in Tuscaloosa

Common roaches in Tuscaloosa include the German cockroach, the American cockroach, the smoky brown cockroach, the brown-banded cockroach, and the oriental cockroach.