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Is Your Lawn "Barefoot Good?"

We create glorious, healthy grass beneath your bare feet. Imagine every little blade in place, healthy roots, no weeds, and a wonderfully lush place to walk with bare feet. Supporting the health of your lawn while it does what it was created for is what we’re passionate about. We like to call it "Barefoot Good."


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Lawn Care Services in Huntsville, Tuscaloosa, Birmingham, and Auburn

At Waynes Pest Control, our lawn care services make it easy to get the gloriously green, weed-free grass you’ve always dreamed of. With years of proven experience caring for thousands of lawns and extensive training through Waynes University, our lawn professionals have the ability to resolve the toughest of lawn problems. So whether your lawn has been around for a while or is brand new, or you need lawn care in Huntsville, Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, or Auburn, Envirolawn provides a year-round foundation for a lawn you can be proud of. In addition to our custom-blended fertilizers, we provide protection against damaging insects and lawn diseases.

We use low-odor products so you can enjoy your lawn—even the same day they are applied. Plus, our lawn professionals will help you maintain a beautiful lawn by sharing watering and lawn mowing tips so you'll have more time for your family and the hobbies you enjoy.

We will care for your home and family by utilizing products and treatment techniques that are environmentally sound, including pH test and lime applications. These two value-added techniques come with no additional fee.

Tree & Shrub Care

Think of healthy trees and shrubs as the perfect accessory for your landscape. Waynes tree and shrub care solution includes seasonal tree and shrub treatments throughout the year to ensure you have a landscape you can be proud of: an entire landscape that is green, healthy, and beautiful. Our tree and shrub care solution:

  • Provides protection against damaging insects like Japanese beetles, lace bugs, aphids, spider mites, and bagworms.
  • Includes our special fertilization process that nourishes your trees and shrubs, encouraging more vibrant flowers and foliage.
  • Uses products and treatment techniques that are environmentally sound as we provide the utmost care for your home and family. 
  • Includes protection against foliar diseases like leaf spot and powdery mildew.
  • Is covered by the Waynes World Class Guarantee.

Our Locations

In 1973, Wayne Lagle founded Waynes Pest Control with the following mission: to build the industry’s best termite and pest control service company. He faithfully pursued that mission for three decades before transitioning ownership in 2001 to Steven Splawn. Steven focuses on building a strong infrastructure and team to expand both our offerings and geographic service areas while still delivering world class service. Since then, Waynes has grown from a local residential pest control company to a tri-state regional one: Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee. 

When you want a healthy, green, pest-free yard, we offer services throughout our Alabama service area: from lawn care in Huntsville, AL to lawn care in Birmingham, AL, Tuscaloosa, and Auburn. If you’re in need of our lawn care services, tree and shrub services, lawn aeration, or any of our other specialty lawn care services, contact us today!

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At Waynes, we believe that if our employees are fulfilled in their work they'll go above and beyond in delighting our customers. So, to carry out that philosophy in everything we do, every little thing matters. A lot. We’re always looking at what we do with the goal of improving the team’s quality of life—which, in turn, enhances the quality of services we provide you. Waynes isn’t simply satisfied with providing quality services, either. We want to set the standard for the pest control industry and the entire service sector. Waynes Pest Control management services have an A+ rating with Better Business Bureau.

Waynes partnered with industry-leading pest control experts, Anticimex, in 2019. Anticimex, founded in Sweden in 1934, has 4,500+ employees in seventeen countries around the globe. This partnership has enabled us to continue to provide world-class pest control, including termite control, mosquito care, and a wide range of residential pest control services as well as commercial pest prevention services. We’ve tackled pest problems for 150,000+ people so far with environmentally friendly solutions. Plus, we provide preventative care packages that include several service dates annually to keep your home and family safe.

Ready to get started? Contact us online today or call 1-866-929-6371. We look forward to serving you!

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Lawn Care and Pest Control FAQs:

What is included in lawn care services?

Our lawn care services feature our custom-blended fertilizers that will provide the foundation of a lawn that you can be quite proud of along with protection against lawn diseases and harmful insects. We provide these services for brand new lawns and ones that have been around for a while, applying low-odor products that allow you to enjoy your lawn, same day. We use environmentally sound products and techniques; will share watering and lawn mowing tips so you can spend more time with your family and to enjoy hobbies; and also offer two helpful services at no extra cost: pH testing and lime applications. Our lawn care services also include fertilizer, grub management, insect management, mole cricket management, pre-emergent lawn care solutions, soil testing, weed control, and armyworm treatment.

Closely related to our lawn care services are our tree and shrub care. We provide special, nourishing fertilizers for a landscape to be proud of and apply treatments to protect against damaging insects and foliar diseases. Our products and techniques are once again environmentally sound. Plus, we offer plenty of specialty services: lawn aeration, lawn disease management, fungal control, and select lawn pests. If you’re looking for lawn care in Huntsville, AL, lawn care in Birmingham, AL, or in any of our select service areas, just let us know!

Is lawn aeration worth it?

It is! In fact, an annual lawn aeration is an essential part of healthy lawn care as it loosens the soil to let in the needed air, water, and nutrients. It also relieves soil compaction, which foot and vehicle traffic can build up; lawn clippings, post-moving, can also create a layer that can be nearly impenetrable without lawn aeration—and layers of sod can also create soil compaction and its associated poor drainage. No matter why soil compacts, it can seriously block your lawn’s growth by limiting the flow of water and presence of air and nutrients. Grass roots, then, can’t grow deep enough into your soil, making the lawn more susceptible to washout and drought. Contact our experts online or by calling 866-929-6371. Our professionals use a plug aerating tool that goes above and beyond by removing a plug of grass for more effective lawn aeration. 

How do I keep my lawn bug free?

Lawn insect management is part of our overall lawn care service or you can specifically request the insect management program. Perhaps you notice dying sections of grass, wilting blades, or bite marks on the grass. Or may you actually notice a growing number of insects in your yard. If any of this is true, then you likely have lawn pest problems. Sometimes, too, there can be problems caused by insects below the soil’s surface—tunnels, damaged or missing roots, and so forth—that you may not yet be aware of. In each of these cases, our service professionals will identify the specific program and craft a customized solution so you can enjoy a lush, green, healthy lawn. So, contact us online or call 866-929-6371 as soon as you suspect a problem. That’s because, the earlier we can do our assessment in the year, the better the solution we can provide you to protect your lawn from harmful critters.

How do I fix my lawn full of weeds?

Our weed control services are designed for exactly this type of situation! Defining weeds as plants you don’t want, they can restrict growth of the plants you do want. They can create a less than perfect appearance and make lawn care more challenging. They can block drainage pipes and, in some circumstances, create hazards for people and pets. When you’ve got a weed problem, our expert team will assess the situation and provide a personalized plan to eliminate those pesky plants. To keep them away, our pre-emergent program stops multiple kinds of weed seeds from ever germinating with treatments applied in the spring and fall. If you’ve missed the start of one of those seasons, no problem. We’ll perform weed control now and then switch to the pre-emergent treatments.

When should I spray my lawn for bugs?

If you’re taking care of lawn insects, DIY, it’s typically best to spray in early spring before the pests have a chance to become entrenched. Additional pests emerge in the summer and so forth. To truly enjoy a pest-free lawn, choose our lawn care service to take care of them and much more. Or, more specifically, you can select our insect management program. In the latter choice, our service professionals will carefully examine your lawn, identify the specific pests, and create a program tailored just for you. To get started, please contact us online or call 866-929-6371.

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