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What Insects Are Attacking Your Lawn?

Big or small, lavishly designed or just an open, grassy field – your lawn is an integral part of your home or business. However, if you begin to notice dying clumps of grass or other dead plants, you may have a lawn insect problem. By identifying these common, yet destructive insects, you can take proactive measures to protect your lawn with an effective treatment plan. 

In addition to brown spots and dead grass, other indications that you have a pest problem include wilting blades, bite marks on your grass, or actually seeing an increasing number of insects on your lawn. There may also be signs of problems on or just under the surface of the soil, such as holes and tunnels, and missing or damaged roots.


Common Lawn Pests

Lawn insect killerGrubs are one of the most damaging of all lawn pests, so we dedicated an entire page to these insects. These small, worm-like critters feed on grass at the roots and cause large grass sections to die in a short period. 

Chinch Bugs love to feed on warm summer grass, and the South has a unique species of these tiny lawn-dwellers. Chinch bugs can damage large sections of grass, sucking moisture from the blades and injecting them with a poison that slowly kills your turf. Regularly mowing can help with a chinch bug infestation, but professional pesticides are the best antidote for this invasion. 

Mole Crickets are noisy, dig tunnels in your lawn, feed on your grass, and destroy its roots. Although they are most active during the summer, the evidence of their damage may not become visible until it’s too late and the damage done.

Spittle Bugs are most likely to be found in lawns that have Bermuda or centipede grass, although they’ve been known to feed on and damage St. Augustine grass, bahiagrass, and various ryegrasses. If your grass has what resembles a white foam where the leaf attaches to the stem or where two branches meet, this is evidence of spittlebugs. They make their arrival in the spring, but spittle bugs can last through the winter if left untreated. If you notice any, you can try removing them with a steady stream of water, but be careful not to overwater your lawn as many of these critters thrive in wet and humid conditions. 

Armyworms are another pest to look out for, starting as one- to two-inch-long worms before hatching into moths. Laying eggs that feed on the grass blades and stems after they hatch, they can reduce what was a green lawn into a field of skeletonized grass. In fact, they’ll do the same to just about any plant in their path. Even worse, they tend to travel in packs – hence, the name “armyworm” -- and can produce multiple generations in a single growing season.

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Waynes Lawn Insect Management

Our Service Professionals are trained to identify what pests are feasting on your lawn, and can create a customized solution to ensure that your grass grows green and healthy all year long. By doing an assessment early in the year, we can provide a solution to protect your landscape from all manner of harmful critters.

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