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Soil Testing

Do You Have Good Soil? Do You Want Better Soil?

Soil testing determines if your soil is acidic, neutral, or alkaline. It can also tell you what elements and nutrients are missing from your soil. Having good soil is essential to creating a beautiful lawn, a growing garden, and all-around healthy plants.

Types of Soil

Acidic soil is an excellent environment for weeds. If your lawn looks like it needs some help with weed control, the soil’s pH may be part of the problem. If you’re using fertilizer to provide nutrients to your plants, overly-acidic soil could be reducing its effectiveness.

Alkaline soil can prevent your plants from being able to take in specific nutrients, such as iron. Even though plants only need minimal amounts of iron, it’s a critical element for oxygen production and giving many of them that healthy green color. 

Neutral soil is good soil. By being neither too acidic nor too alkaline, it provides an environment conducive to healthy plant growth.

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Most Soil In Alabama Is Likely To Be Acidic.

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Waynes Soil Testing

As part of our lawn care assessment, we test your soil to ensure your lawn and garden can get the nutrients they need to grow strong and healthy plants, year-round. You can be confident you’re not overfertilizing or spending money on unnecessary treatments. 

We can schedule an annual soil test – and more frequently if needed -- to monitor your lawn health. If you’re looking to add new plants to your garden or are considering new landscaping, testing will help you find the plants best suited for success.

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