All About Tree Care & Maintenance
  1. All About Tree Care & Maintenance

OCTOBER 09 2023 /

All About Tree Care & Maintenance

All About Tree Care & Maintenance

Healthy trees can serve as the perfect accessories for your landscape. "Healthy" is the keyword in that phrase. Contrary to popular belief, trees are plants that need maintenance. Just like any other plant in your lawn, trees need to be maintained and treated, too. Healthy, green trees can complete your lawn, while dead and diseased trees can turn your lawn into an eyesore. Below, we have provided some information on things to be aware of when it comes to your trees and how to properly maintain them.


Bugs play a part in the health of your trees, and there’s no avoiding them. Bugs that commonly cause tree damage trees:

  • Japanese beetles
  • Lace bugs
  • Aphids
  • Spider mites
  • Bagworms

All of these bugs leave visible discoloration and damage on leaves and negatively affect tree health. Bagworms are especially harmful, causing permanent damage and even tree death.


Naturally, trees are susceptible to disease. You can actively try to prevent it, and there are various ways to treat it. Here are some common tree diseases and tips for spotting them:

  • Dutch Elm Disease-  yellowing and wilting of leaves
  • Armillaria Root Rot- wilting, hanging leaves
  • Black Knot Disease- hard, black knots on limbs
  • Bur Oak Blight- Yellowing/browning areas on leaves, curling leaves, and black pustules on leaf stalk
  • Apple Scab- black scabby spots on leaves and fruit


Sometimes, your trees may need a little extra help. Fertilizer can provide nutrients that trees need, allowing them to grow healthy and strong. The soil in many yards isn’t very nutritious, so you might have to get accustomed to fertilizing your trees. If you notice that your trees aren’t growing and have dead or dying branches, they need extra help. When considering fertilizers, look for controlled release options that are specific for the best results.

If your trees are suffering and you think that treating them is a task too big to tackle, you can call on Waynes. Waynes Tree and Shrub Care Solution includes seasonal tree and shrub treatments throughout the year, assuring a healthy landscape. We can make sure that your trees are protected against all of the insects mentioned above and provide treatment against foliar diseases. We can also use a special fertilization process to keep your trees nourished and thriving. Contact us today for more information on our tree and lawn care services.