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Relationships with builders have driven Waynes growth over the years, and we are thankful. We know that when it comes to construction, every little thing matters. A lot. So we strive to be the best corporate partner in the construction industry. We are thankful for the builder relationships we've developed over the years. Thank you for your partnership with the Waynes team.

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Waynes understands the challenges builders and developers face, and we customized our services to help you successfully conclude projects from inspections to closing. We offer the highest value of service at a low value cost and have the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the industry, so your clients are sure to be delighted. Some key benefits include:

  • Pretreatment and installation of the Sentricon System with Always Active technology on all new construction homes for termite protection.
  • A dedicated closing team focused on ensuring seamless installation and closing process.
  • Total Home Experience - exclusive savings for your homeowners!
  • A personal visit and gift from a Waynes Team Member explaining the termite coverage.
  • Joint marketing efforts through new community openings, model home collateral support, co-sponsored community appreciation events, and much more!

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