Are Silverfish Harmful? Everything You Need to Know about this Fishy Insect
  1. Are Silverfish Harmful? Everything You Need to Know about this Fishy Insect


Are Silverfish Harmful? Everything You Need to Know about this Fishy Insect

Home offices have become very significant over the last couple of years as the global pandemic moved many office employees to their remote work. This required many changes -- books found a new place, not always on the shelves. Printers filled whole new nooks with piles of paper. And, copies of the next presentation took over available corners around the house. 

Consequently, all that paper created the perfect buffet for silverfish. 


What Are Silverfish?

Silverfish are fall invaders that not only damage personal property but also cause allergies. A runny nose could actually be the result of these insects rather than from the change in weather. 

Silverfish measure 3/4 an inch in length and have a teardrop shape. Silverfish get their name from their bluish-silver color and waddling or "fish-like" movements. Three extended bristles on their tails help identify these pests too. 

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However, a couple of habits make a Silverfish infestation difficult to spot. First of all, they are nocturnal. They do most of their eating at night. As a result, you may not see them active. Also, they move very quickly. Silverfish might sneak by you before you see them. However, if you notice paper products looking like chewed-up leaves, you may have a silverfish infestation. 


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What Do Silverfish Eat?

Silverfish cause damage because of their eating habits. These gluttons dine on cellulose and carbohydrates. For Silverfish, this means mostly paper products like books, newspapers, and wallpaper. Schoolwork creates another prime target for silverfish. But, these insects can make their way to the pantry for sugar too. That means baking supplies for all those fall treats become as popular with silverfish as any invited guest.

How to Get Rid of Silverfish in Your Home 

There are several prevention steps that you can take against these pests. First, sealing cracks around windows and doors will prevent entry. Next, store sugar and baking supplies in airtight containers, like glass jars or reusable plasticware. This way, Silverfish cannot find a tasty food source. 

Since Silverfish prefer a moist environment, a dehumidifier will decrease moisture in the air, so your home’s environment will be less hospitable to these pests. Even routine home care, like vacuuming, can make a difference in preventing silverfish. By vacuuming your floors, you can remove many of the food particles that entice these pests. Making your home less of a target is a great way to prevent silverfish and other fall invaders.


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