Extinguishing Fire Ants
  1. Extinguishing Fire Ants


Extinguishing Fire Ants

Fire ants are a pain to control, but we all know the pain is worse when you don't control them. They repeatedly sting with no mercy and are known to kill small animals. In addition to their fearsome stings, their mounds can ruin your lawn. 

We are happy to share some tips that can help you stop these hot-headed, six-legged pests.

Fire Ant Behavior

Understanding a little bit about how fire ant colonies work is key to treating and controlling them. First, fire ants protect their mound at all costs. If a mound is disturbed, they all rush out to defend their territory. One wrong move could cause chaos and leave you with numerous stings. And yes, we do mean "stings." Most ant bites are true bites, but fire ants bite to get a grip and then sting with their abdomen. 

Fire ants enter and exit mounds through underground tunnels, so you rarely see them active on the mound. Ant colonies can have up to 300,000 to 500,000 workers traveling as far as 100 yards from their mound for food. They eat various things, including insects, worms, ticks, spiders, seeds, dead animals. 

Fire ants have two types of colonies, single-queen and multiple-queen. Ants from single-queen colonies rarely leave their territory, but ants from multiple-queen colonies travel from mound to mound. Multiple-queen colonies build more mounds, making it more difficult to control them.

Fire Ant Treatment Methods

Treat fire ants when it's not too hot outside, either on a cool day or early in the morning. If you have a particularly bad infestation, you may want to consider calling a professional or using a combination of liquid insecticide and bait.  

Liquid Insecticide

Liquid insecticides found at your local hardware store can be used to treat mounds individually. If you are treating multiple-queen colonies, using a liquid insecticide can require more time and effort than a more comprehensive treatment. Make sure to follow the manufacturers instructions to ensure you use sufficient product to kill the queen. 

Fire Ant Bait

Fire ant bait is more effective than liquid insecticides, but it takes a day or two to take effect. Sprinkle the ant bait around the base of each mound. The ants pick up the poison and take it to the queen, killing the entire colony.

Call A Professional

Many fire ant problems can be solved with liquid insecticide and bait, but sometimes we need a little help from a professional. Waynes offers our Top Choice Fire Ant Treatment Plan that is guaranteed to resolve even the worst fire ant infestations. 

Call Waynes

Dealing with a fire ant infestation can be intimidating, but don't be afraid! You can enjoy your lawn without worrying about stings from these aggressive little monsters. Waynes has the tools and knowledge to exterminate fire ants quickly and safely. To learn more about our Top Choice Fire Ant treatment program, contact us.