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  1. Gearing Up For Fall Invaders - Multicolor Asian Lady Beetle


Gearing Up For Fall Invaders - Multicolor Asian Lady Beetle

Ah, fall, the season of cozy sweaters, pumpkin spice lattes, and, unfortunately, those pesky multicolor Asian lady beetles trying to crash your autumn party. These little critters are beneficial in gardens, but they can quickly become a household nuisance as the weather turns colder and they move inside. So, what's the deal with these lady beetles, and how can you keep them from making themselves at home in your house?

What Attracts Them to Your Home?

These insects are drawn to the light that reflects off the sides and windows of buildings. They see your home as the perfect wintering site, a safe haven where they can stay cozy throughout the winter.

How to Deal with Them

Dealing with an Asian lady beetle infestation isn't a walk in the park. Unfortunately, there's no quick fix once they've settled in. Expect to battle them annually, but the good news is that their numbers can be significantly reduced with regular treatments and ongoing prevention by a pest professional.

Now, here's the tricky part: these lady beetles aren't seeking food, mates, or water in your home. They're purely after warmth, and unless you're planning to spend the winter in the cold, you can't really remove their temptation. So, what's a homeowner to do? The key is a solid defense strategy.

How Can You Prevent Them from Invading Your Home?

First Line of Defense: Sealing, Sweeps & Screens

The best way to control Asian lady beetles in your home is through pest-proofing measures to keep them from entering. First off, seal up any openings like cracks around your windows, doors, utility wires, and pipes with a good quality silicone or silicone-latex caulk.  Those little critters are sneaky, and they'll find any tiny gap to sneak through. Lady beetles can fit through openings as small as 1/8 inch in size. Even your vents and siding can be their secret entry points, so don't forget those. Plug larger holes with copper mesh, cement, or urethane foams. Also, consider adding screens to your windows to create an extra barrier.

Insecticidal Control

You can find a range of insecticide sprays for managing Asian lady beetles. These same sprays can also work against boxelder bugs, Japanese beetles, flies, cockroaches, ants, and other pesky insects. But these over-the-counter sprays only kill on contact; they do nothing to prevent them. The fastest and most effective way to treat and prevent is to call the professionals. When using store-bought sprays, aim for cracks, crevices, storage areas, and those spots where you often spot the beetles. Normally, that means around your windows, doors, and frames.

Here's a bonus: Asian lady beetles don't set up shop indoors, so you don't need to worry about hunting down nests like you would with ants. But keep in mind, they might pay you another visit in the following season. Stay prepared!

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Physical Removal

Sometimes, a hands-on approach is necessary. If you notice lady beetles in or around your home, use a vacuum cleaner to gently suck them up. Remember to empty the vacuum bag or canister afterward to prevent any unwelcome surprises. If they feel threatened, they'll unleash a pretty funky odor, and if you squish or swat them, they'll leave behind a yellowish stain – not the best look for your walls or furniture!

On the rarest of occasions, these Asian ladybugs might give you a tiny nip if you pick them up with your bare hands. It's not a big deal--feels like a pinprick--but you can avoid it altogether by wearing some gloves. 

The best management strategy for keeping them out of your home is exclusion. Since these little critters tend to hide in tricky spots, it's a smart move to let a pro handle the job. Don't wait until they've invaded your space; contact Waynes for expert assistance. Schedule a home inspection here!