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Spiders Got You Spooked?


Unlike those depicted in the famous horror movies we love to pull out during this time, the majority of the spiders around our homes are not as bad as we make them out to be. In fact, the spider is Mother Nature’s version of pest control! Without the spider, and of course our professionals here at Waynes, our homes would be overrun with creepy crawling insects!

Now, chances are good that the spider you are worried about currently is a common Orb Weaver Spider. These little creatures are non-aggressive and only bite out of self-defense. Rest assured, its biggest priority in life is to eat bugs and sleep. (Insert BIG sigh of relief here!) There are roughly about 3,500 varieties of this spider and they come in many different varieties so the odds are definitely in our favor!

Most people initially encounter the female spider as the males are not often seen. Her abdomen is typically the shape of a large golf ball and her head is much smaller in size. She is probably better known for the web she weaves rather than her appearance. The web resembles a bicycle wheel as it winds around several intersecting spokes connecting the center of the web to the vegetation it rests upon.


The orb weaver’s web is the main inspiration for the webs we often display for Halloween!

Okay, don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful for anything that rids us of pesky flies, moths, beetles, wasps, and mosquitos! Hint, hint! Call Waynes However, walking into one of their webs at night is likely going to do me in one day! My heart stops beating every single time it happens and I turn into some sort of ninja warrior trying to escape it! I’m sure we are more likely to have a heart attack walking into the orb weaver’s web than we are to be bitten by one of these guys though. Who knows? You probably could even give them a heart attack before they have the opportunity to take a bite out of you!

So, next time you see a spider and find yourself tripping over everything in your path to escape it…take a deep breath, tell yourself that it’s okay and remember that it is probably more scared of you.

Word of advice though, if you’re seeing more and more of these guys you likely have a bigger problem on your hands. A pest problem! So why not give our professionals at Waynes a call today at 1-866-WAYNES1! We’ve been known to Pulverize a Pest or two! We can do the same for you!