The Prime Time for Mosquitos is Here
  1. The Prime Time for Mosquitos is Here


The Prime Time for Mosquitos is Here

Spring is here and that means that summer is just right around the corner. You’re finally able to enjoy that warm weather with your friends and family. What could ruin that? One thing–mosquitos. Take control of mosquito season before it starts. Overnight temperatures are starting to stay consecutively above 50 degrees Fahrenheit, so now is the time to take preventative action.

What Risks Do Mosquitos Pose?

Did you know that only female mosquitos bite? It’s true! Everyone knows the annoying, itchy feeling you get after being bitten by a mosquito. Most of us just think of them as pesky insects, but over the years mosquitos have become one of the most dangerous insects in the world. A few of the diseases mosquitos transmit are the Zika virus and the West Nile virus. 

Zika virus is spread by an infected species called Aedes. West Nile virus is also spread by an infected species called Culex. These types of mosquitos usually get the disease from birds. Once infected, the mosquito transmits it to people and animals through bites.

Mosquitos can also be harmful to your furry friends. Most people don’t realize that heartworms in animals are caused by mosquitos. If your pet is bitten by an infected mosquito, it can easily contract the disease. In most cases, the infected pet can be treated, but it is often very expensive.

Tips for Reducing Mosquito Problems

  • When clearing foliage and debris (i.e. leaves, fallen limbs, etc.) avoid the piling of material debris for long periods. 

  • Recycle or dispose of tin cans or other water containers. 

  • Remove standing water caused by landscape depressions or drainage by filling with dirt or sand.

  •  When removing tree stumps, where possible, fill with dirt prior to the development of standing water. 

  • Manage weeds in areas where adult mosquitoes congregate.

  •  Remove old tires when they're found throughout a property.

  •  Keep shrub foliage trimmed around the home.

  •  Educate your neighbors directly adjacent to your home or business on these practices.

  • For pet safety, make sure you keep your four-legged furry friends on medication to prevent heartworms.


Dealing With Mosquitos Around Your Home and Yard


Stop mosquito season before it starts! We can help prevent mosquitos from plaguing you and your family this spring and summer.  Waynes Mosquito Plus uses environmentally-safe prevention methods to kill mosquitos to protect your friends and loved ones.

As a bonus, our Mosquito Plus service now includes flea & tick prevention! Our goal is to get all the biting bugs out of your way for a season full of backyard barbecues, playing in the sprinklers, and endless hours of outdoor fun. 

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