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  1. Weeds: How to Identify and Control Them in the Southeast

APRIL 28 2023 / LAWN

Weeds: How to Identify and Control Them in the Southeast

1. Identify the weeds in your yard

The first step in controlling weeds is identifying them. Common weeds in the South and Southeastern United States include crabgrass, dandelion, clover, and chickweed. Each of these weeds has unique characteristics that make them identifiable. For example, crabgrass has thin blades and spreads rapidly, whereas the dandelion has a yellow flower, and its leaves are shaped like a lion's teeth. Clovers have distinctive oval-shaped leaves, and chickweed has small white flowers and oval-shaped leaves.

Learn more about winter weeds and how to get rid of them.

2. Control weeds before they infest your yard

Once you've identified the weeds in your lawn and garden, it's time to control them. There are several weed control methods, including manual removal, herbicides, and pre-emergent treatments. Manual removal involves physically pulling the weeds from the ground by hand. This method is best for small areas or when dealing with a small number of weeds. Be sure to remove the entire weed, including the root system, to prevent regrowth.

3. Treat weeds to inhibit the growth

Herbicides are chemical treatments that kill weeds. There are two types of herbicides: selective and non-selective. Selective herbicides target specific weeds, while non-selective herbicides kill all plants. Pre-emergent treatments prevent weeds from germinating and stop them before they sprout. These treatments are usually applied in early spring or late fall. Pre-emergent treatments create a barrier in the soil that prevents weed seeds from sprouting.

Waynes offers lawn care services designed specifically for the South and Southeastern United States. Our humid climate can challenge weed control, but Waynes' lawn care services help homeowners maintain a beautiful lawn and garden. And, with a bit of manual removal in between visits, you’ll have a yard your neighbors will envy. 

To summarize, controlling weeds in your lawn and garden requires a combination of identification, effort, and the right treatments. Waynes implements effective treatments to ensure your yard is weed-free all year round. Plus, our Service Professionals use environmentally-friendly techniques that are safe for your entire family and your pets.

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