The Importance of Regular Pest Control for Property Managers
  1. Why Every Property Manager Should Be Focused on Regularly Scheduled Pest Control

JUNE 20 2022 /

Why Every Property Manager Should Be Focused on Regularly Scheduled Pest Control

For relatively small organisms, pests can cause big problems for property managers. As a property manager, a top priority is to attract and retain tenants. However, when a complex experiences frequent pest problems, that job becomes a lot more difficult. Focusing on retaining tenants is then moved to focusing on how not to attract pests. Without routine commercial pest control, you could end up overrun with pests instead of tenants.

Regular Attention/Consistency

A proper commercial pest control plan includes regular inspections that can help identify pest activity that you or your tenants may not notice. Pest control professionals are trained to identify, treat, and monitor pests. Waiting until a tenant sees the pests can often be too late. That is why it’s important for regular visits.


Infestations can grow quickly and often aren’t noticeable. In fact, by the time tenants notice pest problems, there may be hundreds more hiding in cracks and crevices nearby. Waynes Commercial Pest Control plan can help treat and monitor the infestation before it gets out of hand. In addition to being unsightly and unhealthy, some pests can even be destructive. Rodents and roaches are notorious for spreading diseases, but other pests, such as termites, as well as rodents, can cause major structural damage. 

At Waynes, we offer commercial pest control, termite protection, lawn care, and our exclusive SMART rodent protection for all your pest and lawn needs! 

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Once action has been taken and a proper plan has been created for your property, Waynes Commercial Pest Professionals will begin collecting, processing, and analyzing data to ensure the success of your customized pest control plan. If necessary, we make modifications to your strategy to ensure the plan is fully optimized.

Your Waynes Commercial Pest Professional then performs a comprehensive pest service on your property. In addition to specialized approaches needed to eliminate problems identified in step one, we treat a 10-foot perimeter around the foundation to deny access to pests of all types. We also address critical areas within the property and if needed, can install our digital SMART system to identify and detect rodents.

Your Waynes Pest Professional will provide yearly comprehensive treatments around the exterior perimeter of your property and as needed, interior treatments when problems arise. 

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