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Year-Round Lawn Care Schedule

At Waynes, our grass experts understand that your lawn care needs may differ from the needs of others. In order to provide proper care based on the needs of your lawn, we have developed a customizable, year-round lawn care program. This program will allow us to make decisions necessitated by the unforeseeable forces of nature, such as drought, excessive rain, higher than normal temperatures, and even unexpected insects and fungus.

For your convenience, this guide summarizes our 2018 lawn care expectations and seasonal timing of services.

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Most of our applications are spaced 6-8 weeks apart throughout the year. Depending on seasonal weather conditions, we may modify our applications to respond to changing soil temperatures, excessive heat, or rainfall amounts. We know not every year is the same, but rest assured, your team of Waynes experts are prepared to be flexible enough to proactively react to these changing environmental conditions and deliver Year-Round Lawn Care with World Class Service.

Winter-Spring: Pre- & Post-Emergent Herbicide

Pre-emergent herbicide applications are divided into 2 applications to enable us to stretch the control window of tough summer annual weeds like Crabgrass and Goosegrass. Winter and spring are a good time of year to apply post-emergent herbicides to control lingering winter annuals and perennials. Depending on soil temperatures, Waynes might also include liquid nitrogen in some applications.

Growing Season: Granular Fertilizer & Spot Spray

After pre-emergent weed control is applied, our attention focuses on growing healthy turf by spacing balanced fertilizer applications throughout the growing season. Waynes will also spot spray perennial weeds not controlled by pre-emergent herbicides. These include weeds like Yellow Nutsedge, Kyllinga and others present at the time of application.

Fall: Pre-Emergent Herbicide

Early fall is a critical time to apply a protective barrier to keep our lawns free from winter annuals. This application may also include liquid fertilizer based on soil temperatures and other environmental conditions. Your Waynes Lawn Professional may also use this time to address tough to control perennials like Dallisgrass. Fall applications to these weeds provide the best control.

pH Testing, Lime, & Spot Spray

pH or soil acidity is important as it determines the overall health of your lawn because it affects the lawn’s ability to use nutrients effectively. Your Lawn Professional will perform a test on your lawn and apply the needed amount of lime to correct low or acidic pH. At the very least, Waynes will apply a base application of lime to provide your lawn with magnesium, a micronutrient that gives your lawn a lush, green color during the growing season.

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