Pest Control and Lawn Care for Medical Facilities
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Pest Control for Medical Facilities

Pest prevention is essential for medical facilities. Ensuring a clean, functional, and inviting environment is both good for patients and a public health issue. At Waynes, we see medical facilities struggle with ant, termite, rodent, and mosquito issues that threaten their reputation. With Waynes, we go above and beyond to ensure that doesn't happen to you.


Keep Ants and Termites Out for Good

Interior pest control is the single-most-important service we provide to medical facilities. Ants and termites are common in kitchens, cafeterias, patient rooms, and anywhere else where these insects can find a food supply. If left unchecked, a termite or ant infestation can quickly cause turmoil inside the facility. 

Waynes provides comprehensive ant and termite extermination services, as well as 24-7 pest monitoring to ensure you can treat the problem before it becomes a disaster. In addition, we use environmentally-friendly non-toxic pest solutions and preventative measures like caulking and sealing to ensure ants and termites never invade your space.


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Eliminate Mosquitoes and Rats Near Your Facility

Mosquitoes are annoying, and they carry diseases. The same is true for rats and rodents, especially if they enter your kitchens and food supplies. Don't risk exposing patients to further complications -- keep all pests out with our Smartpest solution

  • Ideal for both interior extermination and exterior pest prevention
  • Prevent the spread of disease
  • Rodent control without rodenticides - Eliminate dangerous rodenticides and the associated liability
  • 24/7 monitoring lets you know about a problem before it affects patients

Invest in Lawn Care To Make A Great First Impression

Waynes isn't just concerned with your interior facility. We also offer comprehensive lawn care services to ensure your medical facility makes a great first impression when patients visit. A lush, beautiful landscape creates a more positive atmosphere for healing and reduces pest problems that begin on the ground.

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