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Lawn Disease Management

Lawns Can Get Diseases?

When you grow many of the same type of plants close together, they become more susceptible to disease. One of the most common ways to see this is with your lawn, which can include as many as hundreds of thousands of the same type of grass plants all within a relatively small area. If a disease gets introduced into the population, that malady can spread like wildfire -- even if you take proper care of your lawn. 

Some of the most common lawn diseases include brown patch, snow mold, large patch, summer patch, fairy rings, dollar spot, and pythium blight. 

Almost all lawn diseases are caused by pathogenic fungi that affect the grass blades, stems, or roots. Signs and symptoms include leaf spots, areas where the grass is thinning or gone, and discolored patches in your lawn. These diseases’ slow spread makes them possible to catch early with proper monitoring. If the lawn damage happens very suddenly, you may have a problem with insects or weeds

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Waynes Disease Management

how to fix brown patch in lawnOur Service Professionals can help you identify if your lawn damage is due to incorrect watering or fertilizing practices, or a more complicated issue. Our team of experts can identify a solution that will help your lawn grow back lush and lovely. 

We spray professional-grade fungicides over your lawn, which will minimize the effect of the fungus infection and prevent further growth. By investing in a fertilization treatment, you can help the grass you want to grow back without encouraging anything you don’t want to grow.

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